About Us

At Alpha, we follow a set of principles that guides our publishing philosophy, strategy and every aspect of our business operations.

  • Life-long Learning: we make constant endeavours to bring global experience, expertise and best practices into what we publish, while bearing in mind our region’s current and future learning and teaching requirements in K – 12 Education and ELT sectors.
  • Result Orientation: at Alpha know that enhancing teaching and learning outcomes is a key element for measurable impacts.
  • Publishing Excellence: we ensure that what we publish is reliable and trustworthy, both globally and regionally. We welcome the involvement of the community in our efforts to develop content for the region, while assuring the best quality and standards for our end products.
  • Innovative and Futuristic: we ensure that all of our products are research-based. We encourage innovation in our publications, which we believe will help us to publish next generation solutions for the learners.
  • Latest Technology: high level of awareness on the importance of technology to produce cutting-edge programmes and courses for the educational transformation of the community.
  • Math Workshop

  • Deeper Learning in the Elementary Mathematice Workshop

  • Alpha Publishing Professional Development workshop in UAE

  • Lubna Al Shorbaji English and Math Curriculum Development Specialist