About Us

We are a publishing house catering to the educational needs of schools, educational institutions and organisations across the Middle East and Africa, both in public and private domains. With a range of US K-12 Schools and English Language Learning and Teaching materials, we publish with the belief that ‘one size does not fit all’, always keeping in mind the individual learner. At Alpha Publishing, we believe in the power of education and that continuous learning is the best means of improving the lives of individuals and of enhancing the standards and quality of our communities.

Education is the Future
Our well-established and experienced publishing teams are mindful about different types of learners who come from varying national and cultural backgrounds. Our publishing strategy is set on the very motto – we are the publisher for the learners in the region. Coupled with the latest technology and innovative learning and teaching tools, we pay the utmost attention to the delivery of globally recognized and culturally appropriate content. Investing in education is investing in the future leaders of our communities and future generations of the region.

High Standards and Quality
Both our ELT and K-12 Schools publishing teams meticulously prepare programmes and course books of high quality and standards that are attuned to the learning and teaching context and environment of the schools and institutes in the region. The road to student achievement and success is paved with materials with appropriate pedagogy and teaching methods, blended with critical and analytical thinking elements.
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